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Get Your FREE Peace Meditation!

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Private and Group Instruction in Hatha Yoga

  • In our sessions I incorporate use of the Great Yoga Wall to:
    • stabilize your body and boost your self-confidence, and to
    • challenge you with dynamic and innovative yoga sequences.
  • My approach to yoga emphasizes a Body/Heart/Soul connection with the goal of having you experience healing through movement.

Instruction in Meditation

  • Learn Heart of the Matter Meditation, which is done to a wide range of music and that gives you freedom to move and open and calm.
  • Access an inner doorway to more depth, clarity, and inspiration in all areas of your life.
  • Combine yoga and meditation in your private sessions to give you more insight and ability to change and grow in new directions.

On-Site Retreat Center

Individualized Programs of Study and Rejuvenation, including:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Personal Vacation Time.


I’ve been studying and teaching yoga for 28 years and am so inspired by the people who come to work with me: it takes a lot of courage and determination to make positive changes in how we care for ourselves. The practice of yoga is a powerful tool for establishing habits to support our vitality and longevity. So welcome on this journey of discovery and revitalization!

My own teachers are almost exclusively from the Iyengar method of yoga, which is a system of yoga very grounded in anatomy and physiology and in sync with the science of physical therapy. I’ve witnessed how the yoga poses, when done with precision and intelligence, can vastly improve our sense of well-being and our ability to move through the day with less pain and with greater ease and flow.

Your strength, stamina, and self-confidence will all increase as we discover strategies to help you move beyond challenges – into more integration and stability.

I’m a certified Yoga Therapist, and will custom-design a yoga program for you to facilitate rehabilitation and healing for a wide range of conditions.

An awesome feature of my studio is a prop system called . This structure gives constant feedback on alignment and makes it possible for you to practice the yoga poses with a high degree of accuracy for maximum benefit.

By incorporating precision in alignment with therapeutic yoga principles, you learn practical ways to calm the nervous system and create more balance. Your confidence naturally increases as you understand more about your unique body structure and what poses and exercises help it the most.

An additional benefit to working with me comes from a dynamic, modern-day meditation I’ve been practicing for many years now, . This unique method opens and clears the emotional body; calms the mind; and helps you access an inner doorway to more depth, clarity, and inspiration through the practice of meditative thinking. The result of this powerful combination is an ability to make positive changes in all areas of life, both materially and spiritually. You may want to experiment with sessions that include both yoga and meditation for a more transformational effect.

One more thing to know: a small Retreat Center is located adjacent to my yoga studio, where you can come for your own customized program of yoga, meditation, and rejuvenation. Every retreat is designed to fit your goals and ranges in length from three-day events up to extended stays of one month.

In Loving Memory

A powerful testament to the love and devotion my husband Les had for me is present in the yoga wall he constructed in our home during the final weeks of his life. In early May 2016, this beautiful yoga wall was erected, representing his devotion and his desire to create an elegant studio where I would give my gifts in this world.

I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive partner, so big was his faith in me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Les! I love you forever.


Joanne McGee Owner, Automotive Service/Supply Distribution Business

I was 65 when I attended my first yoga class, and I was concerned I wouldn’t fit in or that I might injure myself.  Through Sherri’s deep knowledge of yoga and her healing touch, I’m learning how to practice the poses by modifying them to work for my body. I’m grateful to have a yoga practice that’s helping me maintain an active life style. This summer my husband and I are taking a walking tour in the Swiss Alps! Thank you, Sherri!

Kimberly Dark Sociologist and Performance Artist

When I found Sherri, I wanted a supportive environment for practicing yoga. I’ve been fat and active all of my life, and group classes have always been a mixed bag for me.  Many teachers are uncomfortable with diverse bodies, and their discomfort shows up in their words and glances. Sherri offers knowledge of yoga postures and anatomy along with intuition and kindness. It’s a powerful combination.  With Sherri I never felt there was anything exceptional about my body, nor anything that required apology. I’ve incorporated Sherri’s style into my own since becoming a yoga teacher and see every day the benefits of treating my students with the kind of respect Sherri gave me.

Darrin Zeer Best-Selling Author of Office Yoga

It’s rare to receive help from a true yoga master. Sherri has decades of yoga experience with students of all levels. I can’t thank her enough for taking my yoga practice to the next level. Her hands-on assists are heavenly, and she helped me ease my low back pain. You won’t find a more experienced or kinder yoga mentor than Sherri.

Tricia Randall Office Manager

Doing yoga with Sherri is the best hour of my week. She makes exercising and moving my body a fun experience because of her creativity and her ability to modify our program to fit whatever is happening with my body. She understands body mechanics and integrates other exercise modalities into our sessions as well. I’ve found an “all-in-one” trainer who is committed to helping me stay fit, flexible, and mobile.

Vicki Victor Retired

I wanted to study with Sherri to deepen my meditation practice. I’m grateful for our sessions together, because I’m finding more calm inside, and more compassion for others – and for myself. In restorative yoga workshops with Sherri, I realized I hold my breath a lot. By practicing different breathing techniques she guided us through, I was able to let go of deep layers of tension and get more in tune with my body. If you want an incredible experience, I highly recommend studying with Sherri!

David Potter Coach, Teacher, Mentor, and Massage Therapist

As a yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, and massage therapist, Sherri tunes into the different levels of proficiency and willingness of her students to know just how much to push us to our very best. Her understanding of anatomy and physiology helps broaden my perspective of injuries I’ve had and shows me how to unwind the tightness in my hips. I would recommend anyone to Sherri regardless of level or goal. Kudos, Sherri!

Cheryl Willis Vacation Rentals Agent

I came to Sherri challenged by flexibility and also by anxiety. Sherri helped me learn to breathe and calm and relax. Now throughout my workday, I take breaks to breathe deeply and unwind my body from tension. Friends have noticed I’m standing up straighter and am calmer. Sherri is a special human being with a heart full of love, care, and support.

Jen Myers Author/Speaker, Co-founder, R.I.S.E. to Empower

I can’t believe how deep I go inside myself during Sherri’s workshops! And I’m blown away by the gentleness in which she guides and creates a safe space, which I could easily dive into to take an more authentic look at the parts of myself that hold me back in my life. Sometimes fiery, other times soft and still, the work is profound. I melted away layer after layer of tensions through Sherri’s guided, active meditation and restorative yoga. The journey I went through during those weekend events with Sherri was powerful and graceful, and the experience continues to grow in me. I came away with a list of ideas and solutions to implement in an area of my life where I’ve been wanting to have a fresh approach. I can’t rave enough about the depth of this work, and want all of my friends to come!

Sean Marshall Real Estate Appraiser

I’ve had regular workouts with a personal trainer for years. And that’s been great for strengthening my body.  But I was blown away by how challenging the yoga poses are, and also by the deep sense of peace and relaxation I found in classes with Sherri.  I have a hectic job, but the balance and peace I get from yoga just sticks with me all day long.

Pam Rahn Social Worker

At a time in my life of extreme grief, Sherri created a safe space for everything I was going through. Her gentle guidance helped me stay with the feelings, instead of pushing them into denial, and she taught me how to benefit from the healing techniques of yoga as I worked to heal my heart. I’m forever grateful Sherri’s loving connection helped me find my way to peace and acceptance.

Pat Eberhart Senior Account Manager/ Events Planner

Sherri’s style of yoga has been of continuing benefit for me. My physical restrictions and resulting challenges require dedication and compassion from a teacher, and Sherri succeeds in that by inspiring me toward greater awareness of my physical health. Sherri is passionate and wholehearted about teaching and encouraging her clients toward life-affirming practices. You don’t want to miss this experience!

David Hipshman Founder and Coach at Grow and Flow Your Business

I came to Sherri with two main challenges: pain in my low back, and chronic elbow strain from tennis. Sherri taught me precise exercises to counter the spine situation, and since incorporating her suggestions, my low back has been stable and pain free. I’m also happy to report I’m playing tennis regularly again without pain and with as much flexibility as I’ve had in 20 years! I highly recommend Sherri’s help for any of your physical and spiritual goals.

Get Your FREE Peace Meditation!

Your information is kept safe!

Get Your FREE Peace Meditation!

Your information is kept safe!


My studio and Retreat Center are located in north-central Denver.

For information about private or group classes or to schedule time at the Retreat Center, you can , or fill out the form.